Why choose Berlitz to learn spanish?

Language students all over the world love the Berlitz Method®. This method allows you to learn a language effectively and enjoyably. Whether you need to learn a language for business purposes or for personal reasons, our dynamic and active approach will ensure that you quickly master the language.

Discover the advantages of the Berlitz Method®:

  • focus on your requirements
  • speak and think in the target language
  • learn by speaking the language
  • the course is adapted to your personal learning strategy
  • no theory exercises
  • the 10 Berlitz levels will ensure that you get the right guidance

Berlitz offers customised solutions. Beginners and advanced learners can all benefit from our wide range of courses. We also offer a selection of language programmes for children.

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Our satisfied customers

Private Individuals

Alexandre B.

"Thanks to the Dutch and English courses, my results have improved a lot. I have reached level ...

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Kids & Teens

Juliette Desseilles
Grégoire's mum

‘Grégoire enjoys the lessons and is now speaking the language with confidence. The less...

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Jane Underwood
Language Portfolio Manager - Shell

‘I really enjoyed working with the people at Berlitz for four years. We have made tremendous p...

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