About Berlitz



the Berlitz Method ®

After a few years of research, Berlitz caused a sensation with the launch of the Total Immersion teaching programme. Total Immersion imparted new language skills extremely quickly, for example, for business people about to embark on an assignment abroad.

The faster pace of learning called for by the students also led Berlitz to develop a new application for his basic teaching method. Thus, additional supporting material was also introduced for vocabulary training and pronunciation exercises, for example. This is a development that Berlitz students around the world continue to benefit from today.

From the founding of the company in 1878 onwards, Berlitz focused primarily on the needs of travellers and private individuals. However, customers' demands changed in the 1950s. Berlitz, the company, found itself faced with a growing number of business people, professionals and technicians preparing for assignments abroad and needing language skills for their new tasks. Large companies were booking courses for many of their employees and their families, where rapid learning was top priority. Berlitz developed new programmes which were then run in addition to traditional language training. The company has continued to innovate, updating its methods constantly and adapting course delivery to create today's versatile range that includes flexible scheduling of courses, in-company courses, telephone and Internet delivery of teaching - in short, a programme to match every language learning need.